My name is Elizabeth (Liz) SahagĂșn (she/her)

Alpinist. Neuroscientist. Educator. Advocate.

I was born in California and am rooted from Jalisco, Mexico.

Currently at Purdue University, Indiana as a PhD candidate in neuroscience & behavior.

My parents are from the town of Jamay, Jalisco and immigrated to California in their early 20s. I am bilingual and first generation of high school and college graduates in my family.

I’ve wandered around the world for the past decade to learn more about people, cultures, and nature. I’ve also picked up technical skills to continue expanding those lessons. This is my healing strategy. I want to share the lessons and introspections that have supported my healing and fueled my fire.

My Goals

  • Become an outdoor educator (climbing and mountaineering).
  • Foster outdoor leadership among women of color (Journey to 30 fundraiser, Climbers of Color, coordinate with ice festivals).
  • Advance as an athlete (learn to ski and focus on alpine climbing to eventually climb in Patagonia and Himalaya).
  • Contribute to science (finishing PhD and continue working toward becoming a professor).
  • Make academia more inclusive (mentor students, advocate for anti-racism practices at the department, college, and university level).
  • Build a house in Mexico to host family and friends, and share the joys I grew up with.



Backpacking National Parks