We are enough

I didn’t feel like I was enough until I started connecting more intimately with leaders in the community. I saw their strength, and commitment, and power, and their pain— and in them, I saw a reflection of my own. I stopped feeling as lonely and felt seen and validated. WE are enough.

Healing is as much about reinforcing safety as much as it is unlearning trauma. That’s the mountain journey I’ve been on lately. I’ve been showing up with other folks also eager to not only experience the freedom of the hills, but also make it more accessible to everyone. It has been reinvigorating and my passion for mountaineering has been relit. We are a force, and we’re showing up to plot against the patriarchy and burn the gates that made us question whether we were worthy. Shape-shifting to fit into white spaces has drained us for far too long.

The universe put us all here at the same time; we are colliding and creating energy to collectively heal and feel safe taking up space as our most authentic selves. That is the energy we need to make it to the mountain tops we’ve secretly dreamed of.

I’m all in to show up, be seen, dream big, and make it happen. And I’m not alone.